Elsewhere: Spitzer, Jefferson, Ossorio

Greg Sargent explains why people may be bothered by Hillary Clinton’s comment last night that she understands terrorism because she’s from New York.

Elizabeth Edwards uses “snake” as a verb.

George P. Bush is supporting Fred Thompson.

Joe Bruno, who is under federal investigation, attacks the Times Union.

Eliot Spitzer can expect some phone calls from Daily Kos readers.

The head of the National Organization for Women’s NYC chapter, Sonia Ossorio, is personally supporting a candidate opposed by the organization’s state chapter in tomorrow’s special election on Manhattan’s East Side.

Voters in Congressman John Hall’s district are getting robo calls from the Republicans.

There’s grumbling about establishing a Child Advocate office.

Here’s Andrew Kirtzman has a story about Viola Plummer’s assassination remark about Leroy Comrie.

Democratic congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana was indicted.

In Connecticut, the state Senate minority leader pled guilty for asking a guy connected to the mob to threaten someone.

Rupert Murdoch is starting his listening tour of the Bancroft family.

Andrew Sullivan sees no problem with Fred Thompson’s trophy wife. Her tan is another story.

And pictured above is John Sabini, advocating for a bill that would cover 75 percent of the cost for private English language lessons for some residents.

Elsewhere: Spitzer, Jefferson, Ossorio