Gregg admits anger, disappointment

Assemblyman Guy Gregg, who lost Tuesday night in his State Senate bid, said he stayed away from this morning’s Sussex County GOP unity breakfast because the 24th legislative district includes three counties, and any appeal to unity should include tri-party representation.
Admittedly disappointed, angry and shocked, he also didn’t want to remount the stage and be forced to emote publicly so soon after a bitter loss.

"I gave my concession speech Tuesday and I didn’t feel compelled to give it again," said the 13-year Assemblyman from Morris County.

Gregg said he called his opponent, Sussex County Freeholder Steve Oroho, the night of the election when it became apparent his team couldn’t overcome the numbers, and simply wished him well.

Since then he says he’s absorbed the well wishes of supporters from around the district and the state.

"It seems over the last couple of days as though I’ve encountered 380 people walking around who told me if they had known it would have been this close they would have gotten out and voted for me," said Gregg, who was as moved in the campaign’s aftermath by what he described as a "wonderful outpouring,"as he was discouraged during the fray by Oroho’s attack ads.

"Given another opportunity, I wouldn’t run a campaign like them," said Gregg. "I think it sends a bad message. But the public doesn’t like horror movies, and still turns them on."

Gregg admits anger, disappointment