Heard On The Street: The New York Times Price Hike

Not to be overshadowed by The Wall Street Journal—which has been in the news a bit lately—The New York Times announced yesterday that the newspaper’s price will jump on July 16 from $1 to $1.25. (The Journal goes from $1 to $1.50 the same day).

So today, we set out to Union Square and environs to find out what The Times' readers had to say about forking over an extra quarter. (That’s a whole New York Post right there!)

"It could affect if I buy it everyday,” said Hillary, a blonde in a dark-blue blazer who was sitting in the window at Starbucks. "I will probably go into places where The Times is and read it there."

Yikes! But Arthur can relax because Hillary remains loyal to the Sunday paper, at least while apartment hunting and in need of a weekly real-estate fix.

Gerald, a 65-year-old sitting in the Barnes & Noble Café, said he was a daily reader of The Times and was “surprised it lasted for so long at one dollar.”

“What will affect me is what sort of services they bundle for the price,” said Douglas, a media executive, sitting in the park. “It’s not just about the paper.”

And as for the narrowing down, he said the change in page dimensions was “sort of immaterial.”

But speaking of pieces of paper:

“[It’s nice] to just pull out one dollar, [and] not to have to break two,” said Rich “There’s some kind of tactile thing about it.”

Dominick, who is presently unemployed, was sitting on the steps in Union Square. He said he buys The Times two or three times a week. (That’s when he is not reading reading the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and El Diario.)

"I'll probably still purchase the paper," he said.  "I don't think 25 cents would make a big difference, wouldn't stop me from buying the paper.”

"I read the front section first, then sports, then back to the front section, then back to sports, then the metro section, then back to sports," said Jerry, a 53-year old who works in the film business.

"I don't really read Sunday because it's just too big," he said.

And what about the local vendors?

Khan, who works at a newsstand on Union Square East, said that when the Post upped its cover price by 25 cents, nobody bought it.

Ali, who runs a newsstand nearby, said he thought “a dollar is too much” already. He called the price hike “unbelievable.”

Believe it, Ali! After all, TimesSelect alone isn’t going pay for that rizy Renzo tower.

Heard On The Street: The New York Times Price Hike