“I have not really come up with solutions,”

The story of the day is Tom Moran's Star-Ledger column bashing Sandra Bolden Cunningham, who is called an "insult to voters" who felt "no pain as she banged a hammer on her head over and over" explaining questions over a convicted sex offender on her campaign staff, a mega block party funded by her charitable foundation, a drunk driving conviction, and for riding a train without a ticket.

This is the kind of story that could end a campaign in a competitive district, but as Moran says: "To find the worst that New Jersey politics has to offer, go to the regions where one party dominates. The machines there are so cocky about their winning streaks that they've lost all perspective."

Moran's column is a must-read, and many political insiders have and will. But what about the people who will actually vote in the 31st district State Senate primary next week? The Jersey Journal, the Star-Ledger affiliated newspaper that serves Hudson County, didn't run Moran's column today. “I have not really come up with solutions,”