Investigating Threats to Comrie, Barron

The City Council is beefing up security for two Council members who were the subject of separate (but related) death threats, Christine Quinn told reporters at a press conference earlier today.

The first threat was directed towards Leroy Comrie by Viola Plummer, who is the chief of staff to Charles Barron.

The second was directed at Barron by an anonymous commenter on a popular police chat board.

Quinn said, "We are taking both of these sets of statements incredibly serious. In both matters, we have spoken to the Council member in question. My director of security has spoken to both Council member Comrie and Council member Barron and offered them whatever additional security they believe they need. We’ve offered to do security assessments of their offices."

Quinn said she's spoken to top police officials about whether a police officer may have made the comment about Barron. As for Plummer, Quinn said they are looking into whether she, as an employee of the City Council, can be punished.

"We are researching what our legal options are as a speaker and as an institution to take action," Quinn said. Investigating Threats to Comrie, Barron