Manhattan Weekend Box Office: Knocked Up Over Pirates of the Caribbean

Knocked Up grossed twice as much as Pirates of the Caribbean in Manhattan this weekend, even though it was showing on four fewer screens.

Of course, the success of the Judd Apatow comedy starring Fozzie Bear incarnate Seth Rosen and Grey’s Anatomy sexpot Katherine Heigel was never really in doubt. The marketing campaign has been ubiquitous—“You hear that, Seth? Don’t let him near the kid. He wants to rear your child.”—and the critical reception was unanimously positive. (A.O. Scott channeled Peter Travers and deemed it an “instant classic.”) And being the media whores that we are, we responded like we were reenacting a scene out of The Day of the Locust.

The rest of the country can be forgiven for not doing the same. (Perhaps most of them don’t view accidental pregnancy in quite the same warm, fuzzy way that Mr. Apatow does.) Pirates was able to outgross Knocked Up nationally, but it had a little help—something to the tune of 1500 more theaters.

Mr. Brooks (no relation) did modestly well, proving that Kevin Costner is not box office poison. But he ain’t Liquid Schwartz, either. The film averaged a little over $15,000 at 9 theaters here in Manhattan. It took the fourth spot both locally and nationally.

It was sandwiched in between Shrek the Third and Spider-Man 3, both of which continued their stomach-turning drops from their record-breaking box office highs.

Once, which at one point was looking like a sleeper hit, has stalled. Fox Searchlight expanded it into a third theater in the city, and its average took a steep drop. Luckily for the studio, Waitress continues to thrive, holding its own against demographic doppelganger, Knocked Up.


Manhattan Weekend Box Office: How moviegoers in the multiplexes of middle America choose to spend their ten-spot is probably a big deal in Hollywood. But here in Manhattan, the hottest movies aren’t always the ones making the big bucks nationwide. Using Nielsen numbers for Manhattan theaters alone and comparing them to the performance of the national weekend box office can tell you a lot about our Blue State sensibilities. Or nothing at all! Each Monday afternoon, we will bring you the results.

Manhattan Weekend Box Office: Knocked Up Over Pirates of the Caribbean