My Guy

This song parody was submitted by a reader, who asked to remain anonymous:

Sung to the tune of “MY GUY” by Mary Wells

Nothing you can say will make us want you to stay, so Bye Guy….Bye Guy
Nothing you can do cause it’s clear you’re through, so Bye Guy …Bye Guy
You’ve spent all your time doing nothing but whining
Now finally at last you…are resigning

You can best be believing that he’ll be a’leaving, so Bye Guy

The County once was Red but now the party’s nearly dead, so Bye Guy …Bye Guy
Once our base was strong, but now it’s all gone wrong, so Bye Guy …Bye Guy
It’s hard to win a vote when your money’s all spent
But you should have saved enough to at least…pay the rent

This is quite a silly song but you stayed way too long, so Bye Guy

As a matter of opinion we’re at an all time low
You brought us there so now you have to go
No chances of success on your horizon
Heck, you couldn’t manage to …pay Verizon

Did I happen to mention you ducked 2 conventions, so Bye Guy

It’s all over the news that all you did was lose, so Bye Guy….Bye Guy
No reason to be merry ‘bout a pointless primary, so Bye Guy …Bye Guy
You kept telling us that you were trying to inspire
But the best that you could do was Todd … Caliguire

Because you never won, it’s time that you’re done, so Bye Guy


My Guy