Norman Siegel Needs Your Money (This Time)

“I need your help once more. And this time I’m confident we can win.”

That’s how Norman Siegel starts out a three-page letter to donors announcing that he’ll make a third run at the public advocate’s office.

A copy of the letter was sent to me last night by a
reader who has contributed to him previously.

Siegel, a civil rights advocate who most recently helped a political gadfly get back into mayoral press conferences, ran and lost twice, both times to Betsy Gotbaum.

In his third bid, Siegel says he will “publish reports on effectiveness of city agencies,” “propose and lobby legislation,” and give New York “finally an accessible, effective public advocate.”

He goes on to say, “I learned from prior campaigns that I need money to win. I need money to run ads on television and radio. I need money for direct mail and automated telephone messages. In the past, I was outspent 3 to 1. We can’t let that happen again.”

In 2001,
Siegel raised $1,151,357, compared to Gotbaum’s $1,941,791, but was
outspent by her $1,202,961 to $357,419. He raised and spent even less money in his second bid in 2005.

In the letter, Siegel says flatly, “Without adequate funds, I can’t win.”

Despite the early and over-the-top fund-raising approach, he may be
outspent again. Other possible candidates for that seat include Eric Gioia, who already raised $717,788.

Siegel doesn’t have a committee filed with the city Campaign Finance Board, but then again, this race is a few years away, so he has time.

And here’s how he ends his letter:

“P.S. Please also send me your email address to so we can keep in touch in a cost effective manner…”

I emailed Siegel this morning and am waiting to hear back. Norman Siegel Needs Your Money (This Time)