Parade Stickers

Part of the house cleaning I promised myself I’d do includes dusting off some bits of news I left sitting in my notebook before I departed for my (too brief) New England vacation.

One item that’s worth revisiting has to do with a subject I was writing about last week, the giveaways elected officials hand out at parades and street fairs. Last week, I noted Christine Quinn had some campaign-y looking fliers printed up at public expense for distribution at Gay Pride events. But I neglected to mention–because I didn’t discover until later–that Bill Thompson (a possible opponent of Quinn’s in the race for mayor in 2009) was handing out stickers that looked even more like electoral paraphernalia.

An aide to Thompson said the stickers were printed up several years ago by Thompson’s campaign. And, as luck would have it, they don’t have any more left.

But it wasn’t just stickers coming out of Thompson’s shop. The city Comptroller’s office had also been mailing out a colorful directory of LGBT resources during Pride Week. A Thompson aide said they had been printed by the office going back since the days of Liz Holtzman. As for the cost, it’s unclear, the aide said, since they were printed in-house.

Can’t wait to see what people start handing out for the 4th of July.

Speaking of which, if any of you public officeholders have special plans for the holiday, please let the Observer know, as we will be trying to put together a schedule of holiday events. Email

Parade Stickers