PBA elects new President

The new President of the New Jersey State PBA is Tony Wieners, a 27-year law enforcement officer from Belleville, who won a race to succeed retiring President Mike Madonna by a wide margin. Wieners has served as Executive Vice President under Madonna for the last ten years.

Delegates from Locals representing the 30,000 member New Jersey State PBA met in Fords this morning to elect a President, Executive Vice President and 28 member Executive Board. Wieners, currently the Executive Vice President of the State PBA, and his entire slate were elected overwhelmingly. Keith Dunn of Clark was elected as Executive Vice President. Wieners, Dunn and their Executive Board will be officially sworn in at the annual State PBA convention in September.

Wieners, who ran on a slogan of "Protecting our Future", pledged to continue the fight to protect pensions and benefits for law enforcement officers. "Law enforcement is a stressful and dangerous job," Wieners said. "We are not your average employee and we need to be sure that the benefits provided to officers matches the risks and stress of our profession." PBA elects new President