Poll: Spitzer Up, Congestion Pricing… It Depends

New York voters give Eliot Spitzer an approval rating of 60 to 22 percent, but oppose congestion pricing 52 to 31 percent, according to a poll from Quinnipiac today.

In a public statement, the pollster notes, “But if the money from
congestion pricing were used to prevent an increase in mass transit
fares and bridge and tunnel tolls, voters statewide support the
proposal 52 – 36 percent.” Which fits a pattern
I noted earlier. When asked in generic terms about a plan that entails paying money for something that was free, people oppose it. When they’re nudged (but not pushed!) in the other direction with details about the de-congesting benefits of the plan and where the money would go, more people favor it.

As for Spitzer, Democrats give him an approval rating of 66 to 18 percent. But Republicans give Spitzer, a Democrat, high numbers too: 53 to 30 percent. Independent voters approve of Spitzer’s job performance
so far 60 to 17 percent.

According to the poll, New Yorkers are split on gay marriage, with 35 percent supporting it, 35 supporting civil unions instead of gay marriage and 22 percent against any legal recognition of same-sex couples. Poll: Spitzer Up, Congestion Pricing… It Depends