To the Editor:

Re “Never Mind the Denials” [June 11]:

The buzz about a possible Presidential bid by Mayor Michael Bloomberg started the day after he won his second term and hasn’t stopped. I felt a sense of validation when it was reported last year that Mayor Bloomberg met with Al From, C.E.O. of the Democratic Leadership Council.

Senator Joe Lieberman retained his Congressional seat in Connecticut as an independent, and he has been closely identified with the D.L.C. Clearly, the D.L.C.’s goal was to determine the plausibility of an independent run for the Presidency.

I am a Democrat and believe that the average American’s interests are best served by the Democratic Party. The problem is that the incessant need to raise money dilutes the candidates’ positions and their ability to think. Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t have that demand on his time or agenda. Instead of raising $500 million, the Mayor can spend his own money to organize and implement a formidable campaign. We owe it to ourselves to keep an open mind toward his candidacy.

Steven A. Ludsin
East Hampton, N.Y. Progressive-Aggressive