Puppini Love

To the Editor:

Re “Retro Rubbish” [June 11]: As a critic, Rex Reed is most certainly entitled to his opinion. However, I feel that Mr. Reed is too deeply entrenched in the memories of his youth to truly understand or enjoy the Puppini Sisters.

I don’t believe this group is trying to replicate the sound of the Andrews Sisters or imitate June Allyson. Rather, they are building upon a tradition and creating a sound of their own—a sound that Mr. Reed cannot appreciate because his memory is weighed down with the sound of the Modernaires and Mel-Tones.

I do agree with Mr. Reed that the Puppini Sisters are “not even retro.” They should hurry back to New York, where a less sophisticated audience can enjoy their sound and style.

Rocco Staino
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Puppini Love