Pure pop for mature people

Most pop musicians peak early, then — with seeming inevitability — decline (ahem: Paul McCartney). At age 58, Nick Lowe has bucked the trend with his witty, wry, and often plaintive new CD, pointedly titled At My Age (available 6/26) — its songs already sound like pop classics. Briefly famous in the ’70s as a pop flaneur (“Cruel to Be Kind”) and songwriter’s songwriter (“[What’s So Funny ’Bout] Peace, Love, and Understanding”), Lowe reinvented himself with a series of records — largely about love and love lost — that were essentially his diary set to music.

Like many other Brits of his generation, Lowe has a love of American soul, country, and jazz. These influences shine through on the album, particularly on tracks like “Long Limbed Girl,” “The Other Side of the Coin,” and the standout, “I Trained Her to Love Me,” in which the confessions of a serial misogynist are rendered in quintessential Lowe lyrics: And I’m gonna start working on another after this/And when I get her in a state of bliss/Betray her with a kiss.

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Pure pop for mature people