Rivera-Soto offers apology

New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Roberto A. Rivera-Soto has apologized for his role in a high school football incident involving his son and another student that caused disciplinary charges to be filed against him a few weeks ago. Rivera-Soto admitted that he an "appearance of impropriety" resulted from his actions, but said he "did not intend" to use his office to influence charges he filed against the other student.

"In hindsight, I realize that some of these actions have had the effect of creating the appearance of impropriety. Although I took those actions with innocent intent, I underestimated the capacity that my position has to influence others," the Justice wrote. "For my actions, and the effect they may have had, I am profoundly sorry."

Rivera-Soto's letter to the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct late today — the third time in three weeks that the Supreme Court released documents relating to the charges against the Associate Justice at the end of the day on a Friday. Rivera-Soto offers apology