Sires not likely to have ’08 primary problems

Congressman Albio Sires was a big winner in Tuesday's Democratic primary in Hudson County and the threat of a primary challenge in 2008 is likely over: his West New York hometown political rival, Sal Vega, was trounced by Sires' candidate, Brian Stack. Vega — with the backing of the Hudson County Democratic Organization — won just 23% of the vote and lost every town in his district, including West New York. Sires played a strong and very public role in support of Stack, and now sees his longtime staffer, Caridad Rodriguez, take Vega's seat in the State Assembly.

It was a complete team for the North Hudson Stack/Sires team: Hoboken Councilman Ruben Ramos will replace Stack in the Assembly, and Jose Munoz of West New York beat the HCDO/Vega candidate for Freeholder — the seat that Vega held before Sires' election to Congress (and Gerry Lange's domestic violence case) allowed for a huge came of political musical chairs.

Also losing was Nicole Harrison Garcia, the wife of former Assemblyman and Union City Mayor Rudy Garcia. Sires not likely to have ’08 primary problems