Spitzer and the Schwarzenegger Plan

Eliot Spitzer and Arnold Schwarzenegger sent a letter to Washington today urging federal lawmakers to pass a Farm Bill Act currently under consideration.

According to the letter, Spitzer and the other governors want increased funding for farmers who harvest “specialty crops” like fruits, money to fight “invasive species” like the long horned beetle, and an expansion of the crop insurance and conversation programs.

The letter also provides an excuse to consider how these two governors, Spitzer and Schwarzenegger, are alike.

Both talked tough when they came into office. Spitzer steamrolled. Schwarzenegger called people “girlie men.” But soon after taking office, Schwarzenegger lost every ballot initiative he supported, making him vulnerable to a challenge for re-election. Then came the green initiatives, a change in tone (has he called anyone a girlie man recently?) and a landslide re-election victory.

Just something to keep in mind ahead of the inevitable Education of Eliot Spitzer’s storyline.

Spitzer and the Schwarzenegger Plan