Spitzer Bounces a Bruno Aide [corrected]

What a day not to be in Albany. First, Eliot Spitzer tells reporters he’s ready to play “hardball” to get his legislative agenda passed.

Then, Joe Bruno slams Spitzer because he “continues his singular pursuit of an issue that no one cares about,” (which is otherwise known as campaign finance reform).

Then, the ultimate insult: Spitzer kicked out one two Bruno aides from a press event in the governor‘s office on the second floor of the capitol.

It’s customary to see aides basically acting as trackers for their bosses political rivals (It could be sort of lonely on the City Hall steps covering certain press conferences without these aides.) But kicking them out, at least around Albany, is unheard of.

Maybe things around Albany really are changing.

Here's the letter:

Dear Darren,

This letter is to officially protest the removal of a Senate representative
from a public event today on the 2nd floor, a move that was childish and

It is my understanding that the only other time this has occurred, you were
working in the same office as you do today for former Governor Cuomo. As
you recall, the Governor’s Press Office did a similar thing and banned two
Senate representatives from my office. Governor Cuomo realized such a move
was petty and wrong, and in fact it was he who quickly reversed that

It is my hope that Governor Spitzer was unaware of today’s actions, and
will move to address this unfortunate situation.

I know that the Governor has said that the red room is his room and not the
people’s room, but as lobbyists and others attend public events there, I
would expect that legislative representatives doing legitimate government
business, would not be removed.

I would be more than happy to further discuss this matter with you at any


John E. McArdle
Director of Communications

Spitzer Bounces a Bruno Aide [corrected]