Stanley files for recount

Assemblyman Craig Stanley filed for a recount yesterday in his narrowly lost 28th District primary bid.

“We went through with some volunteers the votes that were cast. We saw a number of anomalies. We’re certainly encouraged and we certainly think that this recount will bear fruit for us,” said Stanley, who lost his Assembly primary race to Cory Booker-backed Cleopatra Tucker by just 110 votes.

Previously, Tucker campaign manager Phil Alagia expressed doubts to PoliticsNJ about Stanley’s chances of winning a re-count, since all of the voting machines in the district are electronic, making tallies less prone to human error.

But Stanley, who went through a recount in a 2002 Irvington mayoral election that he lost by just 78 votes, is confident that this time he will prevail.

“I’m confident. That’s because I’m a person of faith, and I just believe that we will be successful.”

Stanley files for recount