Still More Breaking News From Stylist-Sprite Kristian Laliberte

Kristian Laliberte, the general gadabout and head of P.R. for the clothing label Unruly Heir, and Paul Johnson-Calderon, the assistant to Vogue contributing editor Lauren Davis, have had their share of negative publicity, most notably in their reported battle for the affections of Avenue columnist Peter Davis. But now they’re teaming up to try and spin straw into ratings gold with—what else?—a reality-TV show.

“Basically, we are in talks with several networks by way of a production studio,” chirped Mr. Laliberte, head of P.R. for Unruly Heir, over speakerphone from his Soho office on June 4. “It’s going to be The Simple Life meets The Hills and will be a window into our world and our world as it relates to the fashion world.”

He added: “Filming starts Friday.”

The young fops—both are (or say they are) 23—are keeping mum about the specific content of the show. “But it will be very funny,” said Mr. Johnson-Calderon, who is also working on a line of belts, tentatively called Peer of the Realm. “We’re hilarious and, you know, we have these very serious jobs that allow us to delve into the fashion world and be at the forefront thereof, but also allow us to go out and have a wild time. But not too wild.” No, of course not.

“I’m not afraid to say what I think,” said Mr. Laliberte, regarding his intrinsic TV talents. “I’m in this industry to be successful. I don’t care if people see it. I think it would be fun.”

“It will also be us playing off of our ‘frenemy’ status,” Mr. Johnson-Calderon said. “You know, playing off the angle that we’re friends in life and enemies in the press.”

“It’s very hard for the press to see two young men in fashion getting along,” Mr. Laliberte said. As for the reported love triangle involving Mr. Davis? “That was all invented drama.” Still More Breaking News From Stylist-Sprite Kristian Laliberte