The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Real estate developers rush to LLCs to donate political money. [NY Times]

Sion Misrahi's effect on the Lower East Side. [NY Times]

Dolly Lenz hangs on at 813 Park Avenue. [NY Times]

1020 Fifth Avenue 'markedly distinct from its neighbors.' [NY Times]

The New York Times exits 229 West 43rd Street. [NY Times]

Got a photogenic home? Get it into the movies! [NY Times]

Local sentiment on Hotel Gansevoort billboards runs 'from livid to blase.' [NY Times]

Many outer-borough residents–guess what?–oppose congestion pricing. [NY Times]

Bath Beach and Bensonhurst no longer quite as mobbed up. [NY Times] 

Long-time food stands in Red Hook get the boot; high real estate prices blamed. [NY Post]

Could housing slump last through 2007? [WSJ]

Tightening credit cooling office-building prices? [NY Sun]

69 school playgrounds to open as public parks in the coming weeks. [NY Sun]

Number of rent-stabilized apartments in the city dropped by 6,022 in 2006. [Daily News]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday