The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Sitt scales back Coney Island plans--are the condos gone? [NY Times] 

Gentrification 'burning a steady course' up Broadway toward Columbia University. [NY Times]

Proposal to designate 14 blocks of Pelham Parkway as a historic district. [NY Times]

The 'alien pod' that landed at 123 West 15th Street (it's a condo). [NY Times]

The story of the old Navarro Flats complex on Central Park South. [NY Times]

Ocean Hill-Brownsville's empty lots now 'sprouting slick, glass-sheathed condominiums.' [NY Times]

Townhouses on Riverside Drive near 107th Street going for $10 M., $15 M., and $30 M. [NY Times]

Professional and domestic life in a 975-square-foot Greenpoint apartment. [NY Times]

Two Onion employees search for a shared apartment. [NY Times]

Choice between ARMs and fixed-rate mortgages becomes more difficult. [NY Times]

Who pays a co-op assessment? [NY Times]

New Yorkers sound off on overdevelopment. [Daily News]

Judge rules one owner must buy the other out at Manhattan House. [NY Post]

City Comptroller: Let's have no rent hikes for rent-stabilized apartments. [NY Post]
The (Big) Round-Up: Monday