The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

New fair-housing regulations have brokers nervous–there’s some things they can’t tell you now. [NY Times]

A family finds room to run in an Upper Manhattan apartment. [NY Times]

96th Street to 105th Street along West End Avenue, ‘a perfect little laboratory of the design, decay and renewal of the apartment house of the 1910s.’ [NY Times]

When can a co-op regulate the kids’ playtime? [NY Times]

Condo prices are outpacing co-op prices. [bottom item] [NY Times] 

Rockefeller Foundation rolls out the Jane Jacobs Medals. [NY Times]

Congestion pricing could be a financial bonanza for businesses, says Partnership for New York City. [Daily News]

Parks Department working on record number of projects. [NY1]

421a changes could spur construction binge in the city. [Crain’s]

Chous battle residents over condo plans at 78th Street and First Avenue. [NY Sun]

City hopes Spitzer vetos 421a reform bill. [NY Sun]

North end of Flatbush Avenue headed for a lot of development over the next five years–even without Atlantic Yards. [NY Post]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday