The Morning Read: Friday, June 8, 2007

John Edwards came to New York yesterday and said Rudy Giuliani would “never be elected” president.

Hollywood is swooning over Hillary Clinton again.

The New York Police Department Honor Legion gave its Man of the Year Award to John McCain (who did not attend the event because the Senate was voting on an immigration bill).

Presidential candidates are heading to the Hamptons.

Documents about the NSA wire tapping program may be subpoenaed by Congress.

Eliot Spitzer said he would work to get Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan approved by Albany.

Sheldon Silver, who has blocked other major plans, is “the odd man out” in the push for congestion pricing. [corrected]

For the second year in a row, Suri Kasirer is the city’s top lobbyist.

The Transport Workers Union is having financial troubles stemming from its 2005 walkout.

Even with new campaign finance laws, campaigning in NYC is not a level playing field, says Gabe Pressman.

Dan Garodnick has an op-ed piece about local development.

And The New Republic looks at Hillary Clinton’s campaign. [subscription] The Morning Read: Friday, June 8, 2007