The Morning Read: Monday, June 18, 2007

“New York political sources” tell Robert Novak that Michael Bloomberg
spoke with a former senator of Oklahoma about a
presidential run.

Bloomberg is traveling like he’s a candidate.

The Nation has a cover story about women’s reaction to Hillary Clinton.

There is “a mix of admiration and disdain” among New York firefighters for Rudy Giuliani.

There’s a “big rat” and a leak in the New York Times’ new building.

Keith Wright, an Assembly Democrat, doesn’t like Eliot Spitzer anymore.

One of the hospitals Joe Bruno wants to prevent from closing funds a program where his daughter works.

Sheldon Silver wants to reopen the bidding process for the right to run casinos at Aqueduct.

Senate Republicans have some proposed changes to Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan.

For legislators, nightlife in Albany is boring now.

John McCain’s wife is ready to campaign.

The Times editorial board notes there are only four days left in the legislative session, and lots left to do.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board wished the Clinton’s didn’t sell their stock [subscription].

And an analysis in the New York Sun says “By worrying about the day-to-day headlines, Mr. Spitzer is losing focus of the bigger goals.”

The Morning Read: Monday, June 18, 2007