The Morning Read: Thursday, June 28, 2007

The City Council voted to limit campaign contributions by those who do business with the city.

But the new campaign finance rules do not apply to unions, the NYT reports.

The Post says “the Fred Thompson express continues to roll" toward Rudy Giuliani.

But a poll found that 60 percent of Republicans would vote for a pro-choice candidate.

The same poll found that they favor universal health care. (Are these people sure they’re Republicans?)

Mike Bloomberg had heart surgery seven years ago.

Eliot Spitzer’s “Unfinished Business” tour comes to Long Island today. Yesterday, in Syracuse, the governor called out Republican State Sen. John DeFrancisco.

Spitzer ran into DeFrancisco at a coffee shop, and offered to buy him a cup, but the senator turned him down.

New York’s Democrats are looking to the national party for help as they try to retake the State Senate, Roll Call reports.

New York has added 206,000 people since 2000, making it the only city outside the Sunbelt to significantly gain population, according to the Census Bureau.

Today may be D-Day for the Senate immigration bill.

Business is booming for Washington process servers. Today’s subpoenas involve warrantless wiretapping.

Nino Scalia is a sore winner.

Paris Hilton told Larry King she has never taken drugs, is on a “journey” of self-discovery, wants to raise money for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.


  The Morning Read: Thursday, June 28, 2007