The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hillary Clinton said “It would mean nothing to my campaign” if Barack Obama raised more money than her in this fund-raising period.

Math scores in the city went up.

New York is ready to apologize for slavery.

In the $59 billion budget deal reached between the mayor and city council, there is a 7 percent property tax reduction proposed.

Eliot Spitzer is still optimistic the city will get federal funding for congestion pricing.

He’s also warming to the idea of passing a medical marijuana bill.

The MTA is way behind on enacting anti-terrorism initiatives, according to a report from Tom DiNapoli.

Adolfo Carrion has new television ads promoting his borough.

Bill Weld said he hoped a gay marriage ban gets defeated.

James Molinaro is upset about an ice cream called Staten Island Landfill.

Rudy Giuliani’s chef from city hall is cooking for him for an upcoming fund-raiser.

And one of John McCain’s ad men in the 2008 race was a key person working against him in 2000. The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 13, 2007