The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Washington Post says Bloomberg’s change of party affiliations “will force the leading Republican and Democratic candidates to reassess their strategies.”

The New York Times notes that Michael Bloomberg aides “are working intensely behind the scenes promoting the idea of the mayor’s candidacy” for president.

Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff says Bloomberg has the track record needed to run for president.

A Daily News columnist thinks Bloomberg is “is essentially a tax-and-spend Democrat”.

Joyce Purnick profiles Sheldon Silver, the powerful Assembly Speaker “with a lugubrious voice and a Sphinx-like manner” who “is barely known to the general public.”

The state Assembly passed a gay marriage bill.

Congestion pricing is unlikely to get done by the legislature.

A former aide to Rudy Giuliani was indicted on cocaine charges.

Melinda Katz is running for comptroller.

The New York Sun editorial board thinks Rudy Giuliani was right about immigration back in 1997.

And the New York Post hopes the presidential race turns into an "all-New York smackdown."

The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 20, 2007