The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Times runs down the bickering between Governor Spitzer and upstate Republicans.

Joe Bruno called Spitzer a “Third World dictator" and told NY1 that the governor sometimes acts like “some little rich kid having a tantrum.”

Spitzer hit back, launching what the Post calls a “‘Where’s Waldo’ assault.”

The News editorial page says the Senate leader’s criticism is a bit rich, calling him “Lord Bruno of the Banana Republic of Albany.”

Warren Buffett offered a “folksy” critique of the U.S. tax structure at that Hillary Clinton fundraiser, the Washington Post reports. (No endorsement of Clinton is imminent though, says Horowitz.)

The event was expected to raise around $1 million, reports the Sun.

In Harlem, Michelle Obama told a crowd, “I am married to The Answer.” Then she distributed loaves and fishes.

Pat Robertson praised Rudy Giuliani “to the rafters” at an event at his Virginia university yesterday, the News reports.

Stabilized rents are going up.

Mayor Bloomberg “anonymously” gave away some more money. This time, none of it went to Lenora Fulani.

Paul Siminovsky, the Clarence Norman machine’s Joe Valachi, was sentenced to a year in jail. Michael Brick gets all lyrical about it.

The kids are trending left, the NYT reports in its lead.

The City Council is set to tighten “pay to play” rules.

Meet Dale Hemmerdinger, the new Peter Kalikow.

Jon Corzine is sticking with his driver.

The meek inherit the earth. Linus bags Sally. Gordon Brown is finally Prime Minister.

Sunnyside Gardens is now the largest historic district in Queens.

That odd floating swimming pool on the East River is finally opening.

It’s lobster war! The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 27, 2007