The Round-Up: Thursday

Moinian turning 95 Wall into rental apartments. [CPN]

Comptroller Thompson supports congestion pricing. [NY Post]

Coney Island’s Astroland may survive until 2009. [NY Post]

Paula Zahn renting East 76th Street full-floor for $40,000 a month. [NY Post]

You’ve been warned: ‘In suburbia, there’s no super.’ [NY Post]

‘Insatiable’ demand for Manhattan land continues unabated. [NY Sun]

Construction costs could rise in the city. [NY Sun]

Have wine storage with your Manhattan condo. [NY Sun]

Another fight in the wings over downtown Brooklyn jail. [NY Sun]

Federal funding for JFK rail link clears a House hurdle. [NY Sun]

Blackstone to sell its Chicago office buildings to Tishman Speyer. [Chicago Tribune]

The Round-Up: Thursday