Trade Center Memorial Snags Big Donors; Mayor Gives $15 M.

New York’s corporations and philanthropists have come though for the once troubled (remember?) World Trade Center Memorial Foundation in a big way. According to a list of donors released today (PDF), more than $304 million of the foundation’s funds so far have come from donors who gave at least $100,000. 

Among them are The Starr Foundation, run by Maurice (Hank) Greenberg ($25 million); David Rockefeller ($15 million); and the Mayor himself, who became chairman of the foundation last fall and who, in a rare moment of immodesty, actually admitted how much he gave to a charity: $15 million.

In the box stats, the folks at Tishman Construction ($2 million) beat out their higher-profile kin at Tishman Speyer ($1 million-$1.9 million); developer Joseph Moinian proved just how much he is worth by writing a $5 million check; fellow developers Larry Silverstein, Stephen Ross and Bruce Ratner also each gave $5 million; former Governor Pataki landed in the $10,000-$99,000 category; and New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine anted up $2 million.

And widows and other survivors of Sept. 11 victims who wouldn’t even make it onto a Forbes 4000 list scraped up enough pennies to make it onto this list of donors above $10,000.

Simultaneously, the Mayor’s office filed its first semi-annual disclosure form with all of the names of the foundation’s significant contributors, which was one of the conditions under which the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board said that Mayor Bloomberg could assume the chairmanship of the private, nonprofit organization.

Well, almost all of the names: 17 donors, one of whom gave more than $1 million in the past six months, remain anonymous. “Of these anonymous donors, we have confirmed two donors have business dealings with the executive branch of City government,” wrote Anthony Crowell, counselor to the Mayor, in a cover letter. “However, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and First Deputy Patricia Harris, who sit on the foundation’s board, have not exercised any decision-making role with regard to these business matters.”

Trade Center Memorial Snags Big Donors; Mayor Gives $15 M.