A Test for the Brooklyn Machine

A little bit of news on a Brooklyn surrogate’s race that's shaping up as a proxy fight between the county machine against, well, its opponents:

s several called up to tell me, and the Board of Elections confirmed, one of the major candidates in that race, Leo Beitner, who collected about 18,000 signatures, didn’t file them by yesterday’s deadline. So, presumably, he's out.

The thinner field means it’ll be easier for the handful of voters to draw head-to-head comparisons between the major candidates: Shawndya Simpson, who is backed by Vito Lopez and the county organization, and Diane Johnson, the self-identified insurgent candidate.

“This is now a campaign against the county organization’s control of the surrogate’s court,” said Johnson’s campaign aide, Gary Tilzer.

A third candidate also filed, according to the Board of Elections: Theodore Alatsas.

UPDATE: Alatsas is a Republican so he won't be a factor in the Democratic primary. 

  A Test for the Brooklyn Machine