Also in the Observer, July 11

Rudy Giuliani is trying to prove that he has as much foreign policy ability as anybody running for president, reports Jason Horowitz.

Some of John McCain's supporters are looking for reasons to be hopeful about his campaign’s restructuring.

Niall Stanage absorbed a large amount of grief in his native Ireland when he tried to say nice things about America.

Steve Kornacki thinks that Frank Lautenberg is a perfect testament to the state of democracy in New Jersey.

Two people who actually want to get into Iraq but can't: Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are as authentically religious as anybody on the right, says Joe Conason.

The fact that Michael Bloomberg is so different from almost any other candidate who’s ever run for president is to his advantage, says Nicholas von Hoffman.

The Bloomberg people who tried shutting down the shipping piers in Red Hook may be the ones who end up saving it.

The founder of MySpace and the head of the union representing Dow Jones employees had a heart-to-heart chat at the Waldorf Astoria about Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal.

And what exactly were Kurt Vonnegut’s last words? Also in the Observer, July 11