Also in the Observer on July 25

John Edwards is ready to declare his positions on issues, but he can't say the same of his rivals. “I don’t need to read a poll, I don’t need to see a focus group and I don’t need to see what the other candidates are saying,” Edwards said in this piece by Jason Horowitz.

Super-intern Andrew Mangino interviews celebrity astrologers about presidential politics and is told, “One of the problems with Obama is he has a progressed Mars in the 12th house—the house of secret enemies—and Mars is the warrior planet.”

Michael Calderone and Felix Gillette get further inside the drama that is Rupert Murdoch’s prolonged and painful courtship of the owners of the Wall Street Journal.

Joe Conason thinks that Bill Kristol isn't in a position to call Kos, or anyone else, an extremist.

Steve Kornacki can't figure out why Chris Dodd is running for president.

And Niall Stanage explains Rush Limbaugh's sudden affection for Cindy Sheehan. Also in the Observer on July 25