Asselta slams Van Drew on monetization

State Senator Nick Asselta said that Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew is not being honest about his opposition to monetization.

Asselta, who’s fending off Van Drew’s challenge for his state Senate seat, is following the statewide Republican strategy of attacking Democrats on monetization, an idea that could include the leasing toll roads and other infrastructure to private corporations.

Many Democrats have declared their opposition to monetization. Van Drew and fellow First District Democratic Assemblyman Nelson Albano are actually circulating a petition in opposition to it. But Republicans are attacking them for voting in favor of a state budget that included monetization language. Van Drew responded to that charge in the Press of Atlantic City yesterday:

"If he wants to say that, what we would say is he (Asselta) is not supporting the funding of tourism, the funding of our municipalities, the funding of our schools … We needed to pass the budget. His notion is absurd,” Van Drew said. "If he's using that logic, then he did not support all of those and voted no to all of those.”

In his press release today, Asselta said the petition was too little, too late.

"Jeff Van Drew is still not leveling with the residents of the First District,” said Asselta. "Based on what I read in the Press of Atlantic City this morning, it is clear that Jeff still refuses to acknowledge his own role in giving the Governor what he needs to move ahead with his plans to sell or lease New Jersey's toll roads – and, worse, he continues to mislead his constituents.”
Asselta slams Van Drew on monetization