Biden Responds to Rudy’s Attacks

Rudy Giuliani stepped up his rhetorical attacks on the Democratic presidential candidates yesterday, saying that the whole Democratic field are a bunch of "losers" with their heads in the stand when it comes to "Islamic Terrorism.”

Joe Biden, at least, is responding.

His campaign just put out a statement saying that the former mayor "doesn't get it" and that his "Tough talk and cheap shots won't make America any safer."

The Biden campaign's communications director, Larry Rasky explained it to me this way:

"Both on Iraq and terrorism and national security, the Senator is not going to sit back and let the Republicans define the debate. We're going to call them on it. We think Giuliani has been particularly abusive at adopting Rove-ian tactics."

Here's the release.


Wilmington, DE (July 27, 2007) – Sen. Joe Biden issued the following statement in response to Rudy Giuliani's recent baseless attack on Democrats' national security credentials:


"Rudy Giuliani just doesn't get it. Tough talk and cheap shots won't make America any safer or get mine resistant vehicles to our troops any faster. It is absurd for Rudy Giuliani to call Democrats ‘losers' after five years of failed Republican policies in Iraq.


"It is outrageous that three years after the 9/11 Commission made its recommendations virtually nothing has been funded by this White House and yet Giuliani continues to make the pathetic case that his party has provided leadership fighting terrorism. As everyone knows, until we end the war in Iraq, we are distracted from the main agenda of combating terrorism in Afghanistan and strengthening our homeland security. Giuliani and the rest of the Republican candidates continue to cling to this Administration's failed policy that a strong central government can be propped up in Iraq. If these are the positions he wants to defend, I invite him to debate me on these important topics."


Biden Responds to Rudy’s Attacks