Bill Clinton’s Blog Day

Happy Blog Day

irst, Ned Lamont took the occasion in an impassioned e-mail this morning to call for grassroots change. Then John McCain made news in a blog-hosted interview.

Now, Bill Clinton.

His foundation just fired out an e-mail with the subject, "Read My First Blog" and the "From" field announcing the author:  
"President Bill Clinton."  His post, from South Africa, is upbeat in tone, yet full of warnings: "Africa stands to suffer the most from global climate change."

He makes reference Hillary only once and promises to be "reading your responses as soon as I have a chance."

It all prompts the question: Might the next president keep a blog, complete with candid updates from the Situation Room, a comments section that he or she actually monitors regularly, a frequently updated Wiki-style "State of the Union" and a "digg it" button? You never know.

Here's the full entry:

After the 14-hour plane ride from the Dominican Republic, it feels good to be on the ground again. I’m also delighted to be back in South Africa. It’s been nine years since I was the first U.S.  
president ever to travel to this wonderful country. On that first visit, Hillary and I laid a brick at a women’s center in Johannesburg, marking the beginning of my personal commitment to help rebuild a new South Africa. Since then, I’ve tried to return as often as I can. Almost a decade later, my Foundation carries on this commitment through its work here and throughout the continent, and I’m eager to see firsthand the progress we’re helping to achieve.

Johannesburg is one of the cities partnering with my Clinton Climate Initiative to perform energy-saving renovations to their buildings.  
These simple, cost-effective measures, which we are working on in 16 cities around the world, will have a tremendous impact on lowering carbon emissions from urban areas while actually saving money for the buildings’ owners and creating jobs.

Based on all the scientific evidence, it’s impossible to deny that our planet is warming. Africa stands to suffer the most from global climate change, so it’s only right that we partner with cities like Johannesburg to help them do their part to stop these alarming trends. By implementing eco-friendly policies and deploying green technologies, African countries have a remarkable opportunity to emerge as leaders in the fight against global warming.

Throughout our trip, my staff and I will be keeping an eye on what supporters like you are saying on our blog, so please share your thoughts with me. I look forward to reading your responses as soon as I have a chance. Until then, I hope you’ll support my Foundation and the important work we have begun. It’s a great day to be in Africa.

Bill Clinton’s Blog Day