Bodine urges spending cuts

Assemblyman Francis Bodine has had a “D” next to his name since April, but he's still sounding traditionally Republican themes.

Bodine issued a press release today assailing the state government for its “addiction to spending,” insisting that legislators take steps to cut spending and lower the taxes that he said are driving out residents. In the release, Bodine even evoked Ronald Reagan.

“Our late President Ronald Reagan had it right when he said that government has become the enemy, not the solution, to our problems.”

Bodine proposed a “three-pronged” approach to spending cuts: government spending caps, re-evaluation of state mandates and zero based budgeting, in which state agencies have to justify every part of their spending. He also proposed that the legislature have a special session devoted to spending cuts.

"Trenton has been in a state of denial for far too long about its spending addiction," said Bodine. "No one party or group of politicians is to blame. Both parties have failed to tame the runaway costs of government.

Bodine, 71, has held public office since 1976. He left the GOP after party leaders refused to back his re-election bid to the Assembly. He is now the Democratic candidate for State Senate. Bodine urges spending cuts