Bruno Picks Up Bloomberg’s Message, Whacks Assembly Inaction

Slim hopes of some negotiated settlement on congestion pricing just appeared to diminish a little more, as Joe Bruno sent out a statement picking up Michael Bloomberg's message about the Assembly’s refusal to deal with the issue.

Here's Bruno's statement:

While Mayor Bloomberg deserves credit for advancing an ambitious and
thoughtful proposal to alleviate traffic congestion in New York City, it is
unfortunate that the Assembly’s inaction has squandered any possibility for
a negotiated, final agreement.

The congestion pricing initiative would have meant cleaner air and
fewer children with asthma, and allowed the City to qualify for up to $500
million in federal funding. With the City facing a July 16th deadline from
the United States Department of Transportation, it speaks volumes that the
Senate was in Albany and prepared to act, while the Assembly chose to meet
in New York City to talk about the proposal.

While the Assembly Democrats have stood in the way of achieving a
result, it is equally disappointing that Governor Spitzer chose not to
exercise his leadership to encourage Senate Democrats to back this plan or
compel the Assembly to return to Albany. In the end, the Governor’s
inability to bring people together has doomed this measure and cost the
City hundreds of millions of dollars to improve mass transit.


Bruno Picks Up Bloomberg’s Message, Whacks Assembly Inaction