Burlco GOP hits back on ethics

The eighth district Republicans are firing back at their opponents, tying the top of the Democratic ticket to an emerging pay-to-play controversy in Evesham.

“Last week Tracy Riley and Chris Fifis held a press conference to lecture everyone on ethics in government outside Republican headquarters,” said Freeholder Dawn Addiego, the GOP candidate for one of two open Assembly seats. “Judging by this growing scandal, they should have held that lecture in front of Fran Bodine’s house instead.”

The Courier-Post reported today that several engineering firms that donated to Democratic Evesham council candidates were awarded with lucrative contracts. One of those firms, Hammonton-based Adams, Rehmann &Heggan Associates, employs Assemblyman and state Senate candidate Fran Bodine as a part-time consultant.

“Now more than ever, it’s obvious that when Fran Bodine became a Democrat he wasn’t just selling out, he was cashing in.”

After switching parties from Republican to Democrat, Bodine actively campaigned for the Democratic challengers in Evesham, recording phone call endorsements on their behalf. In May, Democrats won local elections in Evesham, ushering in a new Mayor and Democratic council majority — evidence Democrats have used to show progress in South Jersey.

Bodine responded that Adams, Rehmann & Heggan was first evaluated by a bi-partisan 15 member panel, and then selected by the Evesham Town Manager because they had the lowest bid for services, at $125 an hour.

“The decision was based on a competitive basis, so it’s not just random selection of a new engineering firm,” said Bodine. Burlco GOP hits back on ethics