Columbia Students, Grab Your Bibs!

In a few years, Columbia University students might find it even more difficult to escape the temptations of Harlem’s Dinosaur Barbeque than they do now.

Two days ago, city records listed the uptown Ivy League institution as the buyer on two properties: 635 West 131st Street for $2.26 million and 4070 Broadway for $16.5 million. Both are currently parking lots, according to a Columbia University spokesperson; and while 4070 Broadway sits up at 171st Street, 635 West 131st Street is smack dab in the footprint of the Manhattanville expansion plans. And right next door to Dinosaur Barbeque.

The outpost of the New York-based barbeque chain is located at 646 West 131st Street, just a few doors down from Columbia’s recent purchase. A Columbia spokesperson told The Observer that the acquisition was a long-time coming, and there are currently no specific development plans for the address.

“635 West 131st Street has been under option with Columbia since the 1980's and is connected to the Studebaker Building,” the representative explained. “It is a building we have been using for some time now. We simply exercised and closed the option.”

Lack of plans aside, if we had to put money down, we’d say that the property’s days as a parking lot are numbered.

Columbia Students, Grab Your Bibs!