Congestion Pricing Announcement

Here's some light reading a came across earlier this week in Albany, which I took as both warning and affirmation of the difficulty of keeping up with the legislation working its way through the system at any given time.

Speaking of which, on congestion pricing: Eliot Spitzer is addressing reporters right now to announce some sort of breakthrough in negotiations. I'll have more details in a moment.

UPDATE: According to a well-placed source in Albany, a three-way agreement was reached on congestion pricing between Sheldon Silver, joe Bruno and Eliot Spitzer and a letter confirming the agreement, along with a draft of a bill, will be sent to the federal department of transportation later today.

Part of the agreement also deals with campaign finance reform, the source said.

FURTHER UPDATE: According to the source, the campaign finance portion of the agreement will lower contribution limits and eliminate the loophole that allows contributions from LLC's. It will not send an additional commissioner to the Board of Elections, and the mechanism by which Political Action Committees (PAC's) are governored was not changed.

The deal, according to the source, will take effect in 2009.




  Congestion Pricing Announcement