Darren’s Law

In addition to calling for investigations of Eliot Spitzer’s office, Joe Bruno is now proposing legislation to prevent state officials from using the state police to collect information on political leaders.

In a public statement, Bruno said, “While these panels move forward with their work, it is critically important that we develop legislation that addresses the abuses documented in the Attorney General’s report related to the misuse of the State Police and other abuse of power by the Executive.

“The Senate Committee on Investigations and Government Operations, Chaired by Senator George Winner, is developing legislation based on the Attorney General’s report. Staff has contacted the Attorney General’s office to work with them to change our laws to prevent abuses by the Executive in the future. The Committee also intends to hold public hearings on the legislation, possibly as soon as next week. This legislative response will move forward while the committee monitors the investigations and keeps all of its options open.” Darren’s Law