Democrat: Bruno, Ditch the Plane

While everyone is mining Andrew Cuomo’s report for reasons to beat up on Eliot Spitzer, there’s one thing being overlooked, according to Democratic state Senator John Sabini: the behavior of Joe Bruno.

The report cleared Bruno of violating the state’s prohibition of using state-funded transportation to go to political events. But that’s because the bar is set so low that even if official legislative business takes up only a fraction of the itinerary, that’s enough.

While praising Spitzer for punishing his aides for their wrongdoing, Sabini said, “I also think we should be looking at how political business gets married to government business regarding state planes.

And just who, by chance, could introduce such a topic in the middle of this storm?

“I think it would be refreshing if Senator Bruno initiated it. Saying, you know, the governor admitting that he’s done some things wrong here and now we should have a discussion about where we go with the use of state modes of transportation and political events.

“I mean, the fact of the matter is the train runs in New York City, the cars run in New York City and most of us don’t get around by helicopter, and do OK,” Sabini said. Democrat: Bruno, Ditch the Plane