Dems slam McCullough for racist joke

Joined by local religious and community leaders, Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Ronald Ruff says State Sen. Sonny McCullough should apologize for making a joke about a chinese couple and an African American baby. McCullough told the joke to reporter Max Pizarro during an interview in Atlantic County last week.

"We will not repeat the so-called "joke" that McCullough recounted to the reporter because it is just too insensitive to do so," said Ruff. "Unfortunately, we've heard the racially insensitive 'joke'' made by Senator McCullough once too often," Ruff said. "It is inappropriate for anyone, especially an elected public official and candidate for office, to make such remarks. He should offer an apology and refrain from such offensive behavior in the future. Rather than perpetuating offensive jokes and stereotypes, I wish that Sen. McCullough would use his brief time in the State Senate to implement policies and legislation to benefit the district."

"Jokes about color or race in our multi-ethnic society are highly inappropriate and should be rejected by all people of reason," added Senior Pastor and founder of Christ Worship Center Worldwide Reverend Reginald Floyd.

"Our elected officials should be leading by example. Racist jokes send the wrong message to our youth and community that intolerance is acceptable," said Shermaine Gunter Gary, founder of Rites of Passage in Atlantic City, an organization that empowers and educates the youth. "We must condemn racism, intolerance, and sexism regardless of where it's coming from."

McCullough, a Republican, faces Democratic Assemblyman James Whelan in the 2nd district Senate contest.

Dems slam McCullough for racist joke