Diaz Attacks “Arrogant” Bloomberg

All the finger-pointing by Michael Bloomberg about the stall-out of his congestion pricing plan is misdirected, according to State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. of the Bronx.

“Bloomberg has to blame himself,’ Diaz told me earlier today. “Number one, he didn’t deal with us right. He was arrogant. Number two, we are tired of people using our pain and suffering to get what they want.”

“When they want education reform, they use black and Latino children. Now they want to get this money, and Bloomberg goes around using the pain of black and Hispanics, where we have high asthma rates."

Diaz said that while pointing to the “pain and suffering” of minorities in his district, Bloomberg was pushing a plan that may make things worse.

“In my Bronx, in my district, asthma rates may increase, because there was not an environmental impact study.”

Diaz Attacks “Arrogant” Bloomberg