Downtown Alliance Endorses Congestion Pricing

The Mayor has one more group in his corner for his congestion pricing proposal.

The Alliance for Downtown New York has announced their endorsement of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC sustainability program. The city's biggest business improvement district is particularly happy about the congestion pricing initiative.

“PlaNYC offers solid solutions to New York’s pressing problems, and the congestion pricing initiative provides an effective way to finance important mass transit projects and address growing traffic concerns,” Robert R. Douglass, chairman of the Downtown Alliance, said in a press release.

The projects that Mr. Douglass alluded to include a rail link between Lower Manhattan and JFK Airport and the much-anticipated build-out of the Second Avenue Subway.

The support comes at a critical time for the Mayor, largely because the July 16 deadline to apply for federal aid for the program is rapidly approaching.

Downtown Alliance Endorses Congestion Pricing