Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Obama, Murdoch

A law requiring certain stores to provide health care coverage to its employees was just struck down by a federal judge.

Joe Bruno would have supported Eliot Spitzer’s campaign finance reform proposals if only Spitzer would have agreed not to campaign against state Senate Republicans, reports New York magazine.

Liz wonders why Eliot Spitzer returned a contribution from one person doing business with the state but kept a donation from lobbyist Pat Lynch, who is pretty busy these days.

Rupert Murdoch donated $2,300 to Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is popular with donors working in the finance industry.

Fred Thompson eclipsed Rudy Giuliani for the GOP presidential nomination, according to this Zogby poll.

Local beaches got low marks from an independent watchdog group.

The mayor of DC endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Streetsblog has a letter from Richard Brodsky explaining his position on congestion pricing.

Andres Duques is going on vacation, thanks to Chuck Schumer.

And pictured above are state Senators Kevin Parker and Malcolm Smith, who were among the honorees at a legislative breakfast in Brooklyn this morning.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Obama, Murdoch