Elsewhere: Clinton, Hevesi, Sheinin

Newsday, then Gawker, notice a Washington Post story that begins as follows: “There was cleavage on display Wednesday afternoon on C-SPAN2. It belonged to Sen. Hillary Clinton.”

In a totally unrelated matter, Hillary leads Barack Obama and John Edwards in a new poll from South Carolina.

Hillary attacks Bill O’Reilly and, by extension, Rupert Murdoch.

Ben gets his hands on some vintage Hillary hate mail and notes the irony in Rudy Giuliani’s appreciation of The Tudors.

Yearly Kos is playing host to every major Democrat.

Alan Hevesi emerges from seclusion and slams his critics.

Christina Bottego is the new face of goo-goos in Albany.

Liz has literature from a judicial race in Brooklyn.

And pictured above is an old photo of Karol Sheinin, who is celebrating her 29th anniversary of becoming an American citizen [link fixed]. Elsewhere: Clinton, Hevesi, Sheinin