Elsewhere: Fighting in the Sandbox

President Bush’s spokesman takes a shot at Bill Clinton, saying it took “chutzpah” for him to offer criticism on the subject of presidential pardons.

Governor Spitzer’s spokesman called today’s Post story about alleged monitoring of Joe Bruno’s travel arrangements “grossly inaccurate and false.”

Bruno threw another temper tantrum, accusing Spitzer of “political espionage.”

The state GOP chairman called the alleged monitoring “Nixonesque.”

Newsday’s John Riley says, “This is war.”

Dick Gephardt endorses Hillary Clinton. Maybe the Post was just four years ahead of everyone?

John McCain pushed aside his state director in South Carolina. His controversial longtime South Carolina strategist, Richard Quinn, will stay on without pay.

Bruce Reed condenses that enormous Mitt Romney profile from the Boston Globe.

The guy with the knife outside Obama’s hotel seems less menacing than it first appeared.

Bush and Putin didn’t accomplish much at their Kennebunkport summit.

And, in honor of a miserably slow news day, Azi passes along the above bit of found political commentary, a snapshot taken at a park somewhere near Bush and Clinton Streets in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Elsewhere: Fighting in the Sandbox